SWIFT Payments: Guides and Articles

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How To Validate a SWIFT Payment?

Sometimes your counterpart tells you he sent a SWIFT payment, but the funds are not credited to your account yet. Here is the guide on how to validate a SWIFT payment and make sure funds have been really sent.

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What Is Correspondent Bank?

When you send an international wire transfer (SWIFT transfer), you often face with correspondent banks. Sometimes you asked about correspondent bank in the SWIFT payment form, sometimes your bank respond that the payment stuck in a correspondent bank. So what is exactly a role of correspondent bank in cross-border payment?

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Tracking Your SWIFT Payment

SWIFT payments normally should be credited to the beneficiary's account within 3 business days. If that didn't happen, you probably want to track your SWIFT payment and figure out where it stuck and what is required to speed it up. In this article we will explain all steps required to locate your international wire transfer (SWIFT).

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